Working for AHC allows CRNA’s and Anesthesiologist M.D.’s  a wide variety of clinical opportunities to choose from including many hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and office based surgery settings. Tired of doing  the same thing in the same place everyday? We will work with you to help form a schedule that best suits your busy lifestyle, clinical desires, and financial needs. With so many different clinical sites, we can offer you the flexibility you desire that most groups can’t offer. If you prefer to stay mostly in one clinical site, we can do that too! We have opportunities for full time, part time, and prn anesthetists. Need additional income? AHC can provide overtime opportunities if desired. Tired of working late everyday? We have opportunities to work half days in some locations so that you have more time for family or activities.

Because AHC is owned and managed by practicing CRNA’s and Anesthesiologists, we truly value your hard work and commitment to providing the best care possible to your patients and treat you with a level of respect not found in most groups. We understand how hard you work everyday because we do it too and actually understand the issues that are important to you.  And we stand behind our practitioners, ensuring that each work environment is safe and that you are treated with the respect you deserve at every facility.

We also know your value as a practitioner which is why we ensure that our pay scale remains above average in each market. We ask for your best effort in patient care, and we are willing to compensate you to be the best!

Contact us to see how AHC can help boost your career with great pay, a wide variety of clinical settings, and  a flexible schedule. We provide all of this while also treating you with the respect you deserve. Come join our team!

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